Saturday, August 24, 2013

Why I Wear Pink

Rocki in pink
My favorite color has always been blue.  But pink butted it's way into my life.
When I was a young girl I did not like the color pink.  I despised pink with a passion.  I blamed it on the fact that I wasn't a girly girl, nor am I today really.  Then several years ago, for some odd reason, I began to like pink.  Pink this, pink that... I even had pink bangs for a few years.  It's funny to me that my pink fascination happened well before breast cancer knocked on my door.
Or should I say chest.
Now I wear pink for an entirely different reason.  But before I go on, please know that I completely respect my fellow sisters that do not like the color pink or the breast cancer awareness ribbon.  I honestly understand that the color pink and the ribbon do not define breast cancer in all it's ugliness. I honestly get that and the world needs to see the ugliness of it too.
So why do I wear, live and practically breath pink?  Breast Cancer Awareness.  Okay, and to make me feel like a girl.  NOT because I feel insecure by any means as I'm a very confident gal, but because it makes me feel... oh gawd I'm going to say it... pretty.  Not in a conceited way, just feminine I guess.  Anyway...
Before I became my own spokesperson for happily living life as a flat chested woman due to breast cancer, whenever I would see the color pink or the awareness ribbon, I immediately thought of breast cancer.  It's like something clicked in my little brain.  That in turn made me think to check my breasts, which I did do monthly, but if I'm anything I'm honest so yes I did skip a few here and there.  Hey, I'm human. 
It made me think about the breast cancer walks, which Mark and I did prior to me becoming a survivor.  It made me think of the many lives, young and old, that have been and will be lost until we find a freakin cure.  It reminded me to donate (to reputable charities) in hopes of finding a cure.
Now it's my turn.  Like anyone else that goes through a life altering event you want to be a spokesperson to help others.  To warn others, in hopes to prevent them from going through what you've gone through, or far worse than what you experienced.
That's why I wear pink.  That's why I support the ribbon.
Not for attention.  Not because I want to broadcast that I had breast cancer - my chest speaks loudly for itself.  But for the sake of others.  To make them think to check their breasts NOW. Go to their yearly well-woman appointments.  Get their mammograms.  And so on. 
Maybe, just maybe by someone seeing my pink attire, or my awareness ribbons, or our warrior tattoo's, just maybe that will ignite something in their brain to say "Hey! There's that pink ribbon - that's for breast cancer awareness, I better check mine" - or something like that.  

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Anklet Band
I have to wear it on my ankle because my wrists are way too small

Pink.  Whether I like it or not it is a part of me.  So until a cure is found I will continue on my path to inform others any way I can.  Until my very last breath.



Jan said...

Rocki, you have said it all in this post...woman and men, need to be aware of this terrible disease!

If a bit of pink ribbon, or the color pink reminds even one woman to have a mammogram, than all I can see is good in the color pink being worn and displayed.

I have it on my blog, sister had a double mastectomy! My mother had a breast removed! I just had a lumpectomy because of a papilloma that was found through my yearly mammogram! Nothing wrong with's a wake-up call to check and be checked. look lovely and yes, "girly" in pink so wear that ribbon and the color pink proudly!!!


Rocki Adams said...

Jan, I appreciate that, thank you! Trust me, there is so much more to say but I'm doing it a little at a time :)


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great Post!