Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wash Away the Year and Celebrate the Happy!

Flat and fabulous - a few months ago, but I love this dress!
8/30/13 - 1 year of being cancer free since my bilateral mastectomy surgery!

This is a follow-up to my FUNNY How Time Flies post a couple weeks ago.  You can read that if you want to be up to date.  And if you're totally new to my blog, you can click on the Breast Cancer Survivor! tab at the top.

As mentioned, we are going to Sedona to celebrate my 1 year 'cancerversary' of being cancer free!  Take THAT breast cancer!  It's actually OUR celebration because Mark, as always, has been right there with and for me the entire time.  And what better place to celebrate than Sedona.  Well, okay a secluded island would be totally awesome, but we're perfectly fine with Sedona - our Happy Place.

Sedona Motel

We don't do fancy, expensive or elaborate.  We love simplicity.  We'll be staying at the Sedona Motel, which has been described by many as a "throw back to the 60's/70's style drive-up motels."  In speaking with Bill, the owner, when making the reservations, I knew right then that this was going to be a nice place to stay.  He seemed quite laid back, relaxed and friendly.  According to the online reviews, he's exactly like that in person.

The view from the motel is beautiful, judging by their photos which I have no doubt.  In fact, there isn't a view in Sedona that is not beautiful.  Red happy rocks and earthy scenery everywhere.  You'll see more of that when we return because oh yes, there will be pictures to share.

Rain is forecast on and off over next few days in Sedona as well as here in the valley, which will be absolutely perfect.  Rain is cleansing. Refreshing.  Hydrating.  Nourishing.  Healing.  What better way to wash away all the negative crud of this past year.

Okay, I can't deny that it will also be nice to simply be in cooler weather, with or without the rain.  Sedona is about 2-2 1/2 hours north of us.  We're looking forward to the enjoyable drive.
Rocki & Bullwinkle - let the adventures continue
This post isn't about the sad and ugly side of breast cancer and what it does to you and everyone around you.  Nor is about what I personally did and didn't have to go through.  This is a celebration!  With the one I love.  My best friend in the entire universe.  The absolute love of my life.  My soul mate and partner throughout eternity and beyond.
It's a time to be happy, as always, but happier.  A time to let go of any negativity that is clinging to us.  And, not that we haven't done it a million times already, a time to reflect on what truly is important. 
We're going to our Happy Place.  To breath in the rain cleansed air with every fiber of our being and breath out all the bad.  We're simply going to celebrate what is. 


Jan said...

Rocki this is a beautiful, happy, cheerful photo of made me smile when I saw your smile :)

Have a wonderful celebration of a year being cancer free and celebrating it with the love of your life in a place that you love!!!

Great Big Hugs!!!


Rocki Adams said...

And you make me smile Jan, thank you!

We definitely will :)