Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day Boat Trip

Captain Rocki :)
Thought I would share just a few pictures of our fun Father's Day boat trip to Lake Pleasant.  Yep that's me playing First Mate to Captain Chris, my brother.

Beautiful day at Lake Pleasant
We live about 20 minutes away from the lake but since we have a pool we rarely go, unless it is with Chris and his family on the boat.  When they lived in Florida we used to visit them - going on boat trips there was a whole other experience.  I just loved the open water, watching the dolphins and breathing the ocean air. 

Peace dude!
Captain Chris is grilling up some grub for his crew (We brought our huge bag of salad greens and other raw goodies to share).  My dad and his gal Yolanda enjoyed the relaxing trip. 

Mark chillaxin'
Mark jumped ship for a bit and hit the water.  It was only in the low 100's that day, so wasn't too hot.

Chris and Ian
 It was time for the Captain to enjoy the water along with Ian, my awesome nephew. 
Soulmates * Best Friends * Love of my Life
That hat cracks me up!  I only wear it for sun protection, I just don't look good in hats or particularly like wearing them.  Anyway, this is a simple little picture of us but I just love it! 

Cool Sailboat
Came across this beautiful sailboat and had to take a picture of it.

Captain Chris and First Mate Rocki
A lot of hard work goes into maintaining a boat, getting it ready for a trip and then when it's over as well.  So we always thank my brother and sister-in-law for all they do to make it happen.  We so appreciate and love them to pieces!

Well, that's all folks.  Just a quickie blog sharing our fun boating day at the lake with all the dad's on board.  Hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day as well.


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