Monday, January 28, 2013

Raw Scetti and Not Meat Balls


I just LOVE my spiralizers and use them a lot!  I now have two of them because Mark bought me the Paderno World Cuisine Spiral thing-a-majig for Christmas.  It makes two sizes of noodles, ribbons and slices.  It is very cool.  The other one I have is the Saladacco Spiral Slicer that makes awesome angel hair pasta out of zucchini - and other veggies - like in my pasta dish above.   

The raw vegan gluten-free "not-meat"balls are walnut based and have plenty of herbs and spices. I got the recipe from Raw Food Made Easy, but altered it little bit.

I made just a small batch for dinner that night, which was plenty.  By looking at the "not-meat" in the bowl and the formed balls above, they look like the real deal.  I think so at least.

So as you can see, eating raw is far from boring.  It's so funny, before I was like "ugh... now I have to make dinner..." and now... I can hardly wait to get into the kitchen to create!


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