Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gila Woodpecker - A Bird Day

Today we are enjoying cooler weather and rain.  Our bird friends are also enjoying it, especially the male Gila Woodpecker.
As usual in the animal kingdom, the male is prettier than the female and this guy sports a bright red cap.  I just love the overall look of this bird!

The back yard is full with a variety of morning doves, sparrows, finches, towhee's, quails, grackles and humming birds.  But I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of Woody, neither could the little ones waiting for their turn at the food block.

I'm guessing that the little ones finally told Woody to quit being a hog and move on.

"I thought he would NEVER leave!"

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

Peace, Rocki


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We have 3 varieties of woodies at mine and my fav is the Downey. Our feeders are outside our front patio door (we have two in the living room). I often get scolded by the kids because a flutter catches my eye and I am paying attention to the birds when the kids are talking..LOL..

xx, Carol

Walk in the Woods said...

Such beauties!

Rocki Adams said...

Oh I've seen pics of the Downey, so cute! Like a mini Gila almost :) I had to laugh at that Carol...similar story where we're in the house doing whatever and I'll hear a new bird call...so I run to the window with camera!

Thanks Rose :)