Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rocki vs Breast Cancer - round 2

Where to begin.  Yesterday was exhausting – seriously exhausting, but relieving as well.  Wait, actually this past WEEK has been a drainer!

I’ll jump right to it and explain from there.  Next Thursday, August 30th, I am scheduled for a Bilateral Total Mastectomy (removal of both entire breasts) without breast reconstruction and Sentinel Node Biopsy.  

The surgeon, who has done this for over 36 years, after reviewing everything informed us that there is more DCIS  than was noted and he’s going to do a lymph node biopsy at time of surgery to make sure it hasn’t spread, which he’s pretty sure it hasn’t.  It’s hard not to get too personal about this… I know, as if this isn’t personal enough, but I’m NOT going to be hush hush about this life changing event.  I want to be a part of making other women aware of how VERY important it is to do self-checks, yearly appointments, mammograms, etc. and not be afraid to talk about it.  It can change your life.

Anyway, the options were presented to me and bilateral mastectomy was the best choice, so to speak.  As mentioned in my previous post, Mark and I discussed the many possibilities that may be brought up at this appointment, and this was one of them. Like I said, if one has to go, so does the other. 

A little more personal here, just a warning.  So why not the breast reconstruction?  Because it just isn’t me.  I’m not saying that breast reconstruction is wrong by ANY means as I know that most women want to try to save their ‘sisters’ or at least have them remade, and I stand with them for that decision.  For me, I’m not well endowed anyway, have no cleavage to speak of and hardly ever wear a bra (hate them with a passion!) unless I need to that is.  Plus, ‘they’ do not define who I am as a woman.  I simply do not want a foreign substance in my body - or have tissue, muscle, etc. taken from other parts of my body to make a pair.

On a couple good notes…the cancer should (will) be gone after the surgery (happy dance) AND I get to continue working through the 28th (more dancing).  I’m told that recovery time isn’t that long and then I’ll be able to work at a slow pace until I’m up to par.  So I won’t have to put my shop in ‘Vacation  Mode’ after all, which I’m very excited about because I’ve worked too hard to build my business where it is today.  What I am going to do though is post everywhere in my shop, etc. about my current status with creating and shipping timeframe.  Oh and start relisting a ton of sold items over the next couple days.  Since I didn't know what was going to happen, I never relisted after they sold.

I just want to say again, thank you to my very supportive hubby, my sons, family, friends, customers and to everyone else that has been so kind during this time.  You all rock!

Round 3, I plan a TKO. 

Peace, Rocki


Mark (aka Bullwinkle) said...

You can, and will, kick the @#$% out of this and still be one of the strongest people I know!

I love you with all my heart and, as always, I will be right here with you! In your corner, ready wipe the sweat and tears away and give you the support and comfort you need!

Ding! Ding! Ding! There's the bell. Go get 'em Rocki!!!!!

Rocki Adams said...

Honey you are awesome! As always, thanks so much for being my best friend and #1 supporter - no matter what!

I hear the bell and I'm ready!

Love you more than anything!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

There are a lot of women that feel as you do and I am glad that you posted your thoughts. So many people look to the internet for just this kind of support.

I'm not going to get all fluffy with you about this because I think you know where my heart is. But if there is a good side, its gotta be that you won't have to look for a bra anymore that is not made out of who knows what and gaps in all the wrong places. *smile*

I've been thinking a lot about you. My prayers are for you.
xx, Carol

Rocki Adams said...

Carol my friend, I hope you feel the love and the HUGE hugs I'm sending to you!

Oh yes, most definitely I hear you about the bra!

Much love my friend,