Friday, August 19, 2011

Coming Soon: Handmade Silver Filled Jewelry Supplies!

If you're a fan of Sterling Silver, but do not like the continued rising costs - I'm right there with you and am doing something about that in my jewelry supply shops.

In the next few weeks I will be creating 1/10 Silver Filled wire findings, handmade to order by me of course. Consisting of precious metal (sterling or fine silver) it is electroplated (bonded) onto a base metal (my supplier uses red brass). So that is a 10% silver thickness - a very nice comparison to 1/20, which is only 5%. This metal is bright and shiny and will not chip off like Silver Plated.

After researching and speaking with my supplier, I decided to move forward and add this respected metal to my shop. No, I'm not doing away with my precious metals. I just wanted to be able to offer most of my handmade metalwork in more of an affordable price point.

Feel free to hop on over to my shop now to see my handmade work and/or return in a couple weeks to see the Silver Filled findings.

Happy Friday! Peace, Rocki

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