Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aquatic Swirls vs Fish Hoops

I designed a pair of new hoop earring the other day and just love how they turned out!

True short story:

I always show Mark, who lovingly refers to my metalwork as "car parts", my new creations. Even though he claims to have no idea about jewelry, I enjoy hearing his perspective. Plus he likes to help name them.

Anyway, when Mark arrived home from work and got settled in (sort of), I showed him my new earrings. He said, and I quote: "hey, they look like fish!"

Okay. So I took another look at them and sure enough, yes, they do. However, we were NOT going to name them "Fish Hoops" - sick and wrong dude!

I took photos to post in my Rocki's Artisan Metal shop and, as always, showed Mark. He said, and I quote: "Looks like a fish on a hook."

Okay. You got me. So it does. But I'm still not naming them Fish Hoops.

Aquatic Swirls - I do not recommend putting them in water.

Peace & Luv,


Carol said...

Whatever the name, they are beautiful!

Mark (aka Bullwinkle) said...

What's wrong with "Fish Hoops"?


Rocki said...

Thanks Carol! :)

Awe come on hon... ;)