Monday, February 8, 2010

Ply Effects

Yes, I know... it's been eons since I've done a blog feature, but I'm trying to get back on track :)

I would like to introduce you to Jennifer (Jen) of Ply Effects . Jen is a metalsmith and her work clearly speaks for itself. She amazes me with her talent and extensive knowledge, and I can only hope to one day be as half as talented as she is. Oh and the above ring is one of my all time favorites - affectionately called the Garbage Ring. Why, you ask? "All of my sterling silver scrap is recycled back into a custom series named 'garbage'."

Melted Cages

Jen states: "my focus is on both form and function in relations to sections that open, twist, or move to compliment the body. Each piece that I hand craft is invented with modern design."

Puffed Heart Pendant

Jen sells her exceptionally well made work in a variety of venues such as juried art shows and her Etsy shop: and is called Ply Effects.

Jen makes the coolest spinner rings, in fact I now own 2 - so far! The first one I bought is the Bamboo Spinning Ring that I wear on my thumb - too cool! - and the newest is above. Well, one is Mark's and the other one is mine. They are custom spinner rings that say "OM MANI PADME HUM" (in short, this is a meaningful Buddhist compassion mantra). We are more than thrilled with them!

Pop on over to her shop to check out the rest of her amazing work. Oh and she also does custom work. If you talk to her, tell her Rocki sent you. She'll know who you're talking about because I know her personally - she is part of the family as she is Jason's girlfriend :)

Have a metalriffic day!


Carol said...

Hi Rocki. Deb and I were just talking about you...must have compelled you to post, huh! Been missing you.
xx, Carol

mairedodd said...

these are wonderful!! she is so talented and has a great eye and imagination... i love the garbage ring! and i definitely have to go to her shop! hoping you are well and happy - ox

Almost Precious said...

It's nice to see texture in jewelry and Jen has the eye of an artist knowing just how to use texture to its best advantage.
Her designs are awesome.

I also adore your beautiful wire work findings.
Saw your post on an etsy forum thread about blog followers and after seeing your blog I'm going to be following it.

luthien said...

hey rocki :)
nice feature!! love the garbage rings!!!

Rocki said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I know, Jen is amazingly talented!