Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Finally got it! Groovy Baby, Yeah!

When I was in high school, Kaycee B, my best friend of many years, and I had big plans for when we graduated high school. Yep, we were going to buy a van, paint it in groovy love and peace colors, fix up the inside with love beads, curtains, cushions, etc. and travel the world. We even had a list of what all we wanted inside the van from color scheme, type of curtains, rugs, cushions - you name it and we probably had it listed. Not only that, but we had drawings of what our groovy hippie van would look like. It was a groovy van indeed.

High school came and went. We each got married and went our separate ways. Years later we caught up with each other and reminisced about our "groovy hippie van" and although we got a chuckle out of it, we truly wanted to see that dream through. It never happened... until the other day - well, sort of.

Mark has known about my "groovy hippie van" practically since the day we met. Most of my family and friends know about it as well. The closest I've come to having my love n peace van is with our utility trailer. While doing shows and such, Mark thought it would be fun for me to paint it like I would have with my van. Cool idea yes, but never had the time. That brings me to now...

Mark came home the other day and said he had a surprise for me. Yep, it was my groovy hippie van at last!

It is a very cool van indeed! Rather roomy inside and good on gas.

Plenty of trunk space for, um... traveling gear.

The only thing is I haven 't quite figured out how to fit my 5' 2" body inside this 5"x2" van. At least I don't have to pay insurance.

I love my groovy hippie van honey - thank you!
Groovy peace & love,


LillyShayStyle said...

I love that van at the top, thatd be fun to ride around town in!

Lol, Yay for you getting your dream van! Now if only you could find a way to make it grow..... :)

mairedodd said...

i love your van! and how wonderful to have someone in your life who remembers your dreams and tries to help you make them a reality - even if modified! very sweet... what a treasure...

GoodDirtJewelry said...

Aaaaaw, what a sweet and thoughtful gift! LOL It's adorable!

Linda said...

Great van and a terrific guy.

Welcome to the EtsyTwitter Team.
Linda B.

imoyik said...

Oh you really had me going that you actually got a groovy van!

luthien said...

LOL!!! for a moment i really thought you just bought and painted the van in the first pic! that would be awesome!!! but you know what ... the miniature that mark bought you ... it's the first step to manifesting the real deal! go on ... have a go at it ... manifest your dreams!! woohoo!!

Coastal Sisters said...

OMG I love that van at the top!

That was so sweet that Mark brought you your own little van and he didn't forget your dream! What a wonderful husband!


Carol said...

These are the little things that we use to measure love, aren't they!

Ok, I have been working on a summer purse. Kind of stumped on what pics to put on it using permanent markers. I love the van so much, I'm going to use it as a model.