Monday, April 6, 2009


The look on this little critter pretty much says it all for me: "CALGON!" Don't remember or know about those old Calgon Take Me Away commericals? Click on the Calgon for a snippet.

This weekend was a VERY busy one for me as I ended up working all weekend. Plus my shop exploded with sales so it looks like I'll be busy until the cows come home. Have you seen them yet?

Oh, here's one more oldie but a goodie commercial for the road: Would you like a nice Hawaiian PUNCH?!

See you next week.


SueBeads said...

That photo is TOO funny! Congrats on all the work!!!!

Carol said...

Rocki, I think that's a Prairie Dog.

Rocki said...

Hmm, I'll change it to critter ;) Thanks Carol! Thank you too Sue :)

Moondoonie said...

I remember the commercials so I guess I'm kind of telling my age
;-)Oh, the days of records and albums and Calgon commercials. Bought a box recently from Big Lots & it's still great in the tub!

Sweets 'N Greets said...

Yay for sales!! Hey...I know another oldie but goodie....mua hahahahahahaha!

Rocki said...

Hey Moon, so nice to see you here! Naw, you're not telling your age one bit ;)

Oh records/albums... yes! Trying to put the needle on ever so lightly to not rrrrreeeessskkksssshhhhhh (insert your own weird scratching noise here ;)

Laura... don't make me pull out the nick-name card ;)

Mazzy Blue Studios said...

I'm soooo guilty for adding to your work load!!!! But I can't wait to get them for some custom creations of my own:) I owe you a whole bottle of Calgon!!!!



Rocki said...

LOL! Oh Selina, no worries - besides, I love Calgon ;)