Sunday, March 8, 2009

House of Rock!

We are totally hooked on Rock Band (Wii). So hooked that we even dress up, or rather dress down, for our weekly band night. Above is Mark, my brother Chris & myself with Sasha & Yogi looking on - our groupies.

One night my brother Chris & his family said that they would be stopping by, so Mark & I decided to have a little fun. We wore our 'weekend clean the yard jeans' (lots of holes) then I used some of my hot pink hair gel (the one I used when we took Danny to Sea World) and pretty much plastered my hair with it (it didn't budge for days ;) I found some old eye shadow (I don't wear make-up) and gave myself a rock girl look. I must admit that was kind of fun. They were a bit surprised when I opened the front door.

Both of my boys play a couple musical instruments every since junior high. Jeremy lives in Portland, otherwise he'd be playing right along with us on our scheduled Thursday Rock Band night with Jason (pictured above with Mark). We named our threesome "House of Rock" and we pretty much rock the house on those nights! When it's just Mark & I, it is "Rock n Bull" (his nickname is Bullwinkle, go figure ;)

My nephew Ian is a born rocker! Mark likes playing the guitar the most. I like playing the guitar & bass too, but love the drums the most. Now I have the wireless drum set plus my own throne to sit on instead of the couch.

Ever since the night they came over, Chris has been on the lookout for a Rock Band set (Wii) and finally got one just a couple weeks ago. They are totally hooked as well. It's great family fun!

So, if you happen to hear music, LOUD music, coming from the southwest and catch a shimmer of glowing pink against the moonlight, it's just the House of Rock!

Have a rockn' week!



Catherine said...

Wow! It looks like fantastic fun Rocki! I love how you really get into the spirit of it all! I dare not show my sons your posting as they will definitely want a set too!!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Y'all are so stinkin cute!!!!!! Love the hair girlfriend!! lol
Looks like great fun!! ♥

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

What fun! A Rockin' good time, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You two are so cute! Love the hair!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rocki..I was on earlier today reading all about your Wii times..wonderful fun..may get the hub one for fathers day..he has playstation currently..but this actually makes you get up and moooove or groooove...!!Love your posts Im glad Ive crossed your path again..Thanks for the comments too...How is your metalsmith work going..I know Its your true hearts work..? Lately my computor has been so slow and freezing when I go on blogs..Thats what happened this morning and couldnt comment..anyway talk to ya soon..Robin

Anonymous said...

Um, you know you look freakin' awesome like that right?!? Rock on Sistah!

Josh said...

Hey, I love that game too! (Guitar Hero Version) Good luck finding your own one and make sure to... Rock Out!

Jo said...

Love the hair! It looks like you all had so much fun.