Monday, November 10, 2008

Did someone say... COOKIE?!

This past weekend was truly enjoyable! It started out on Friday afternoon when my son Jason stopped by. We played Wii and had a blast. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed his visit!

Saturday I only worked a few hours in the morning and then Mark & I were off and about the rest of the day. We had a fabulous day.

Sunday I was craving chocolate chip cookies - homemade. You know, soft, warm and oozing with chocolate chips right out of the oven kind of cookie. Even though I have to make them a little different due to wheat & dairy allergies, they still come out just like a chocolate chip cookie should.

Well, I didn't get around to making them until late afternoon when Mark reminded me about the cookies. It was only a fleeting thought of not making them due to how late it was. I must admit that I made them in record time!

The aroma of the baking cookies filled the house with memories of baking cookies with my boys when they were little. We would all grab a spoon at the end and scrape the bowl clean!

Mark could hardly wait to have one. That's not true. It was me. As soon as the first batch came out, I was all over those cookies!

I would offer you all one, but right after this photo I stuffed them all into a container and hid them. Not really. I let Mark keep the half eaten one in his hand.

May the cookie not crumble in your milk,


Anonymous said...

Oooooh!!! Yuuuumm!! Hey I've made plenty of chocolate chip cookies before but never ones as "happy" as yours! See that one in the middle's even smiling!!

So the container... it was your stomach right!? :D

SueBeads said...

They look fantastic! I haven't made choc. chip cookies for so long - I might have to this weekend!

Any Occasion Boutique said...


Carol said...

O Man! I can smell em just lookin at em. Yummmm. They were good!

Anonymous said...

Cookies, the evil goodness!!!!! Time to make more here, thanks sis. OH dear the evil!!! :)

Angie Kelly Designs said...

Evil Evil Evil!! LOL Those look scrumptious! I'm so glad you got to spend time with Jason. A blessing, I'm sure! :o)
Hugs to you Rocki! ♥

Josh said...

COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES!!! I love me some cookies! My favorite is when they just came out of the oven! So gooey... so chocolaty... so... soooo YUMMY!!! NEED COOKIES!!! Hooray!!

Rocki said...

Awe... other cookie lovers I see! I couldn't help it, I just had to blog about them!

Oh the happy cookies! I didn't even notice that one - how cute!

Evil? Me? But I like the cookie!

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike! Just the other day I made one of those brownie/cookies... SO good! It's like a brownie but with clumps of cookie dough on top, so after it bakes, you cut it up and eat it like a brownie, but it's got yummy chocolate chip cookie dough in it too. Yumm!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

The "happy" cookie was the first thing I noticed about your yummy photo! You could probably sell that baby on eBay :D

Rosebud Collection said...

They look delicious..