Monday, September 15, 2008

Patina, Patata, Pinata

So I owe another big thank you to one of my customers. She wanted dark oxidized earwires and asked if I could do that for her. Of course I said yes as I will do anything that I am able to in order to please my customers. I don't just say "I'm happy when my customers are happy" for nothing, I sincerely mean it.

Above are my Medium Hoops in a dark patina, rather like a gunmetal to black. I was quite surprised how cool they turned out. Even Mark commented how great they looked.

These are my Signature Elfin earwires in a random brushed type patina, kind of like an antique look. Again, big approval from Mark who originally thought that oxidizing them wouldn't look very good. Okay, I have to be honest, I kind of thought the same thing, but wow - these are so pretty!

Above are my Baby Elfins in the same finish as the hoops. I just can't get over how awesome they turned out.

I've oxidized before and having been wanting to add some oxidized supplies to my shop, but guess I was waiting for someone to nudge me along. It's actually kind of fun to do, well except the horrific smell of the Liver of Sulfur (LOS). If you don't know what LOS smells like here's a little hint: have you ever smelled rotten eggs? I mean LOTS of rotten eggs? Well, put them all in a zip lock bag, stick your nose in the bag and take a little whiff. There you go. Now you know.

My customer's order has been shipped out and I listed my new additions the other day. Last night I sold 2 of them! Much to my surprise they were sold to one of my sweet friends who I will not name unless she wants to let everyone know (just in case what she is making is a surprise).

I'm off to start my day. Lots of earwires to make and the smell of LOS is calling my name.

Patina, Patata.... anyway you say it, Patina ROCKS!

Smell you all later,



Rosebud Collection said...

Boy, I know that smell..drank water from the "Fountain Of Youth" in Fla..
So far, haven't seen the results after all the sacrifice.
Your earring wires are beautiful..worth the smell..

Rocki said...

LOL! Too funny rosebud :) Well, let me know if you start seeing any results and *MAYBE* I'll take a sip of my mixture. WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!

Thank you!

Angie Kelly Designs said...

WOWZA!! Those are amazing!!! I love the oxidized look! Weeeee :) You're just freakin AWESOME to do that for your customers.
ROCKI ROCKS! Yeah, baby. :P

Any Occasion Boutique said...

LOL!!!! Niiice! You should put some LOS on the counter just before Mark arrives home...tell him dinner is ready :-) Eewwww.

Anonymous said...

OOOOhhh!! It's ME!! ME, ME, ME!! (*clears throat*) Yep, I was hunting down gunmetal findings late last night as we sold out of my other creations in our stores and I was having a heck of a time trying to find good quality gunmetal ear wires. I happened to try your supply shop and whadaya-know, gorgeous sterling silver oxidized ear wires abounded!

Having personally tried to wear the coated gunmetal versions available through "other" shops, I'm so excited to be able to offer these gorgeous alternatives in sterling silver. So thanks to your customer and thanks to you for making such fabulous supplies!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Very nice Rocki! They look fabulous. I particuarly like the gunmetal finish ones.

milminedesign said...

Oooh, these look awesome Rocki! I'll have to check them out!

Rocki said...

Thank you my awesome buddies for your compliments :)

Yep, it was Sharon and thank you SO very much!!

Oh and Laura, I don't know if that would work - you know he already freaks when I cook fish - have to light scented candles everywhere!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

VERY beautious! I haven't tried LOS yet--still using the good ole hard boiled egg method, which doesn't really smell much better :)

Any Occasion Boutique said...

LOL!!! I'm feeling quite ornery today.....Maybe you should cook fish tonight and, instead of scented candles....LOS! AAAAH HA HA HA HA HA!! OK. I'll stop....for now. Mua ha ha ha!

SueBeads said...

They look GREAT!

A Blond And A Torch said...

They look fabulous, Ricki! I especially like the gunmetal---not to mention the ear wires are wonderfully shaped!