Monday, January 28, 2008

Take me to the moon!

'Wood' you like to go to the moon?
You don't need to be an astronaut or even leave your room!

This Moon Clock 3D is so cool and is one of many handcrafted creations by Travis of TC Woodcraft.

I came across Travis in the Etsy Forums the other day and after visiting his new Etsy shop I knew that I wanted to spotlight his talent. Obviously he's been working with wood for some time as he carves out each creation by hand. If you 'wood' like to see more of his clocks and other creations, please visit his shop - oh, and make sure to read his Profile as he gives great detail of his process.

Have a happy day!


Anonymous said...

That clock is so cool! Great find!


Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

It is! I love his other work too - very creative! Thanks for the ♥ !

Jodie said...

Aww you were having a cheesy day :)
Lovely clock - I wood like to see more.