Monday, December 29, 2014

Colorful Hair

Purple Haze Hair
Just a quickie post of my colorful hair over the past several months.  I'm totally addicted!

I started out with Hot Hot Pink, then different shades of pink and now I'm purple.  Purple Haze to be exact... with a little cotton candy pink mixed in for lighter shade in crown area.  This is the darkest I've ever gone and love it, but next appointment I'm going with a little lighter shade.

Hot Hot Pink Hair
The pic above is from the very first time coloring it pink earlier this summer.  Mark REALLY loves the hot pink shades and now loves the purple too.  

Hot Hot Pink Hair with Highlights
I'm sure I'll try more variations of purple and most likely mixed with other complimentary colors.  Have I mentioned I'm addicted? ;)

Cotton Candy Hair
We both agreed that, even though we love the color itself, the lighter shades of pink are just too light for me.

My hairstylist is the one coloring my hair and she's awesome!  I'm using a vegan color by Manic Panic - all their colors are vegan. 

Why am I doing this?  Because I can.  Because I want to.  Because I've been stepping more and more out of my box and loving every single adventure of it!

How's that go?  Life's too short for boring hair ;)